Thursday, 22 August 2013


Today I went to the postoffice and shipped one of my hoodies to another country! That means that today I offically went international! I'm so happy I could bearlly sleep last night :D

Becouse I was so happy with the experiance I decided to put hoodies in my Etsy shop as well! You can check it here!

Other interesting news that happened latelly :
  • Just reached over 4000 views on blog thank you! 
  • This month I made more posts then the whole first year of blogging
  • Quality of my hoodies went way up recentlly so did the speed of making them there for the price also went up a bit. Sorry about that but I too have to make a living somehow and they are still affordable. ^^
Anyways hope you guys have a great day! 
And stay tuned for more adorable creations ;)


  1. Congrats on going international! :3 What a great step forward. ♥