Monday, 22 April 2013


Finally! I got some proper pictures of my Alice, madness returnss collecton.
 I made it last year for a fashion show at my highschool. It took soo long becouse I had to completly remake the dress becouse the models on the show where really tall and skinny which of course fits then none else. I don't think that they wore it really well.

Here we have my friend Ani who wears it really well. :D

Photo by Igor Petaros.


Another creation of mine that got some new pictures is the Raichu hoddie which is my favourite so far :D
Photo : Igor Petaros
Model : Ani
Hoddie: Fleš.
Hope you like it!

...Pichu.-.Valentines day edition.-.Photoshoot...

Some sun finally shined upon my country so my creations got new pictures!
Here we have Pichu - valentines day edition.
Photo : Igor Petaros
Model : Ani
Hoddie: Fleš.
Hope you like it!

Friday, 12 April 2013


Soo this idea I had for a while now. Since I'm collecting pokemon I should also get pokedex, right? So I drew my own which was ispired by the oldest pokedex there is. I wanted it to be more shiney and 3D but oh well. Maybe when I get more photoshop skills ;) Anyways tell me what you think ^^"

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Finally I maniged to get some normal pictures for this hoddie :D
I've had enough of pictures on manikens and tables I need some real models ;) 
Anyways here is a proud ovner of my first ever creations for kids, Taja. & my hamster :D

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Today I drew another chibi! ^^
it's for my friend.
I really love drawing them! They put me in a good mood. It doesn't take long to draw one so it fits perfectly in my busy life also I need something to do in school haha :D 

Monday, 1 April 2013


It's been a while since I wrote anything about anime here :D
I've been super busy with sewing so I didn't have much time to watch any but I get in a really bad mood if I skip my anime dose ;)
Today I finaly finished watching one of the really classic anime ... Inuyasha ;)
It's actually been in the first ones I've watched but I kinda forgot about it and when I was close to finishing it I stoped watching. I do that a lot specially with my favourite animes becouse I just don't want the story to end .... today I decided that this has been draging long enough and I watched the last season.
The story is great! Full or fighting and comedy and even romance.
It's about a girl Kagome who felt trough the well and ended up 500 years in the past. Thre she cames across a half demon Inuyasha and the adventure begins!
This anime is very sentimental to me becouse every time I think about it it takes me back about 10 years ago when I abendoned an ordenery life for a lifetime obsession with anime and japan. ^^