Monday, 28 May 2012

... Minnie & Erza ...

few days ago I finally took some pictures of 2 rats that live at my boyfriends place :3
They are soo adorable ^^

this is Minnie.
she is a new member of the family we only got her few months ago becouse my boyfriends old rat Mici died from old age. she was his first rat and I bought her for his birthday and we loved her very much :(

but now we have Minnie and she is amazing little rattie and aperantlly she likes to pose in front of camera :D
she likes to sit on shoulders or squeezes her little head next to your belly if you sit. she likes being petted but she doesn't like to be healed in hand.


and this is Erza.
she's about a year old already and I tought "I have no pictures of her" then I figured out why all i got from her was the "This camera makes weird noise!" (look at pic 1). but this is so much like her. she is really shy and scared of everything but I really do love her anyways :3

Friday, 25 May 2012

... Braclets! ...

little more braclets I made.
I really like these and they'r super fun to make.
right now I'm waiting for new findings from eBay to make more. Sadly I can't buy anything at stores in my country becouse:
1. way to expansive
2. very little choise
3. not enough stuff in stock

so right now I'm at home, studying for finals and waiting for the mail man ... gosh my life is lame right now xD

... 1000 pageviews! ...

waw that's a lot of pageviews I'm really happy about that number and I just wanted to thank you crazy people out there that read my blog you'r awsome! :3

Thursday, 24 May 2012

... Elle talent ...

in sloveniane Elle every month we can submit our art on this webside and there is a chance to get into sloveniane Elle. the thing is one winner is the one that has the most likes and one is selected by the committe.

 I alredy tried 4 times and I haven't won yet and I really really really want to win this time so if you can find it in your heart to give me a little like :3

P.S. I put the webside in google translater so you can understand but some stuff weren't very well translated.

... fashion show - TV! ...

Of course media came to our tradicional school fashion show and we were on tv on our fashion TV show called Glitter and they also made interview with us so we were on tv yesterday! I was super happy but the show was super late becouse the soccer game was on and it was really long and I almost felt asleep -.-".

anywas here is link to the clip about our fashion show if you want to see sadly it's in slovenian language and you probably won't understand anything however you can always just watch the outfits right? ^^

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

... fashion show - more pictures! ...

More pictures from my fashion show that were taken by talented photographers in our school.




The mirror ones are my favourite! *.*


Close up! ^^

The shoese ... oh the shoese! <3*

Monday, 21 May 2012

... Alice, madness returns - collection ...

yay finally I finished my illuatracions for my collection!
So my collection is inspired by Alice,madness returns and lolitas.

2 of the outfits were alredy made and presented on fashion show and I hope to make as much as posible in my summer vacation and hopefully I will also open online store on eBay. :3

Thursday, 17 May 2012

... Fashion show - first pictures! ...

Today I found fist couple of pictures from my fashion show.
Hope you like it! ^^

...Fashion Show!...

Yesterday was one of the most important days of my life.
I had my first fashion show!

It was a show for my whole class at the end of high school and we all had to make 2 outfits.
Sadly I dont have pictures yet but we will recive pictures from our school photographers in about a week.   

Saturday, 5 May 2012

...The Avengers...

Today I decided that I need a little break from sewing for the fsahion show so me and my boyfriend went to the movies and we watched The Avengers. So I just wanted to say that an awsome movie is awsome ^^! <3