Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Awsome news!
My last exam is on Friday which means that summer start offically! ... well on friday :D
I'm not really sure if I'll pass but honestly I don't really care at this point.
I missed 2 exams alredy becouse I was sick and if I wish to pass this year I'll have to take them in septemer.
I decided to take a brake from school becouse you wonderfull people have been making me very busy with all the requests to make amazing clothes :D also I spent 3 years now obsessing over getting top grades at school and I must say it's not so plesent. I'm always stressed out and nerves also it takes time away from sewing and playing videogames. I must say the feeling of not having the care in the world is soo amazing! I almost forgot how it felt like ^^^^
So anyways back to summer ^^
This summer will be busy becouse I'll have fashion show in december :D
Also my father doesn't want to pay child support, I actually haven't recived any payment for about a year now alredy and I had a small fight with my mother and she doesn't want to lend me any money so I'll also have to earn money first to have a fahion show. Hopefully it'll sell great I have a lot of confidenc in my collecton ^^
And a school girl ;)
It's true that I dislike school but I love school girls drawings :D

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Well I guess everyone here figured out that I like games and pokemon very much and that would make pokemon games my favourite! :D
So I borowed few games and gameboy from my boyfriend (by borowed I mean he thinks he'll get it back and by few I mean all :D) to play at school since I was bored and don't have any friends :P
After I completed all of them I went for completing pokedex on my Sapphire and few days ago I finally did it!
I think I'm way to exited about this then I should be haha :D  

Saturday, 1 June 2013


A few weeks ago I created my first prom dress.
I'm really happy about this one since I believe creating a prom dress is a really big milestone.
So the client was my lovely friend Larissa. She is always kind of my test bunny becouse she always asks me for stuff I never actually made before but I know how to make in theory. She was the first one that asked for a pokemon hoddie and well that turned out pretty great didn't it ;) I owe her a huge thanks for that ^^
so back to the dress :D
It's an adorable lolita style dres with huge bow in the back I love it!!
working picture.
a snap shoot of her dancing. oh yeah I also made her boyfriend a matching tie :D
After we finish our exams we'll have a lovely photoshooting since aperantlly the school for art and photography can't provide any good pictures. oh the irony :3
anyways hope you like it! ^^