Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Cought a Zangoose today.
This one is going to US.

Even tought I'm really happy with how it turned out and I usually fell this amazing joy every time I finish a hoodie but not this time becouse I'm really sad. My boyfriend broke up with me two days ago and we were together for 3 years alredy ... I guess spending so much time and energy on making clothes all the time does have it's price and it has been cuting in to my personal life a lot :(

Saturday, 16 November 2013


Cought a Gengar today!
This one is going to UK ^^

I'm really happy about all the Pokemon I catch but every time I get one of the old ones it's even more special to me since I grew up with them so I'm really glad to get a chance to make a classic one today *feels*

Hope you like it! :3

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


On this day 2 years ago (14 November 2011) I made my first pokemon hoodie! :3
It was a Pikatchu hoodie yes I know very very cliche but oh well very Pokemon yellow version ;)
Anyways since I made that first one the orders for hoodies started coming my way more and more and in the last year I don't even remember being without commissions for hoodies. With each hoodie I made I gained more Exp and slowly but surely I'm reaching my way to perfection and making my dreams of becoming Pokemon master/Fashion designer come true. ^^

So I would like to dedicate this post to the very first hoodie I made :3
Here are some pictures of it ;) 

Model & owner of the hoodie Larissa
Photo by me

And it has 3 stripes insted of 2 becouse ... well you know yolo haha XD

Hope you like my little splash from the past ;)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I decided to make some improvments to my kigurumi pattern and made mslef one :3
I really needed on becouse winter is coming and my sewing room is on the balcony so I'm alredy kinda frezzing but not anymore :D When I put it on it's like wearing a blanky ^^ 

I also needed an outfit to wear on my fashion show and since it's in anime festival it's appropriate to wear it ;) I'll also have to take some classes in 2nd semester and I'll be wearing this to school and I don't even care haha if I have to get there at least I'll be comfy and warm :D

Hope you like it! ^^

Sunday, 10 November 2013


I just cougt my second Espeon.
This one is going to US.

I usually just post about the first time I catch a pokemon becouse I really don't wan't to just post same stuff again and again really I alredy have like 3 Raichus (Raichu is the new Pikachu :3) but I decided to post this one becouse there is quite a bit of time gap between these 2 and a huge improvment also I remember the firts Espeon took really long to catch but this one was finished really quickly. ^^

Here is also the picture of my first Espeon in case you haven't seen it yet :3

model and owner of the hoodie lovely Ani
photo by Matic Gabriel

Hope you enjoy my Espeons ^^

Thursday, 7 November 2013


I finally went to catch another pokemon, got really cool one today as well it's Swampert!
Had so much fun with this one I mean look at the sleeves how cool are they :3 sometimes I amaze myself xD
Also the first hoodie going to Italy ^^
I hope you like it! ;)

Also I'm really sorry for being to unactive again but I was working on the fashion show which I'll be having in about a month. I also had some problems with ordering fabric I wanted to find a store with cheaper fabric for hoodies so I've been emailing like crazy also for some other boring adult like stuff blah -.-" 
But I do have a lot of pokemon a almost cought and a really special post for me is coming in few days so stay tuned! ;)