Thursday, 1 August 2013


Few weeks ago I transformed our balcony in my sewing room.
Here is how it looks now :D 

It's a bit small but at least none is messing around with my stuff. I used to use a dining table for sewing becouse I didn't have enough space in my room so everyday before I started with my work I spend at least an hour to find all I needed. My mother calls it cleaning I call it ... well I think I'd have to use too many "colourfull" words to describe this one :D 

Anyways I love the pictures. They are for inspiration becouse my boyfriend drew them for me. Helps me think about him when I'm overworking and stressing myself since he is really easy going and he doesn't worry about stuff as much as I do. I'm always stressed about the amount of work I have and how things are keep going wrong as they usually go for me. 

Also today my baby (sewing machine) came back home fixed since the bastards who work at the service messed it up so I was realived that the problem is sočved and I can go back to work ... yeah it leasted for a couple of hours only I recived an e-mail from a company I wished to buy the fabric for my fashion show and now they are telling me that they can sell me anything since I don't actually have a company yet. Now I have no idea where to buy the fabric at the afordable price ... I think I'll go look at the pictures for a bit now.

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