Friday, 16 August 2013


Yesterday I had a day off from sewing becouse my boyfriend had a birthday and he made me go to the weekend house where we were drinking. At least I brought my camera with me so I made some sweet pictures ^^
  Today I have a massive hangover and still can't do anything usefull >.>. Well at least it was fun :D 

Me and my boyfriend. he's 22 years old now ... grandpa :D
My best friend went with us and now she has a new profile picture for facebook haha ^^
My friend then took a picture of me for my boyfriend and since it was his b-day I squeezed the "twins" together haha XD ... I'm actually really flat :(
Me and my best friend. We were down a few bootle of wine by then so I changed to my drinking outfit haha :D
Another one of me in my drinking outfit :P when I drink I forget that I'm not a model and start posing for pictures haha makes me laugh everytime in the morning XD


  1. You and your boyfriend look so cute together. :) I'm glad you could spent the day together.

    Also, I think you look great when your posing for pictures drunk. xD I definitely look worse with my "alcohol face". xD You should post pictures like this more often. ^^

    1. Thank you ^^
      Well this one was one of the rare "normal" ones the others aren't ment to be seen by public haha :D I'll try but since I don't go out so often there really isn't much to take picture off it's just me in my PJs sewing all day long every day XD