Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Illustration I drew for my exam.
 The inspiration had to do something with WATER so I chose Koi fish.
I drew a tattoo style koi fish and then made collection and one fashion illustration.
I'm quite happy with it, I'm so glad I'm getting better with drawing on computer but still I need more practise in my opinion  ^^"

Enjoy! :3

Friday, 17 May 2013


Exams are starting again and I've been so busy with my school & other work that I completly forgot about my blog haha sorry guys :D But I'm sure if any of you go to collage you have some idea how it is. This time exams are even harder for me becouse in past year I went from being super exited about my school to hating it's guts. I think about this picture every morning :D

Reasons why I hate my school so much is that well I figured out that it professors are screwing with us, organization sucks, projects are really boring and the school was really close to me (8min walk) and today I got an e-mail that they are moving school like half a hour by bus away from me and it won't even be in our capital city Ljubljana any more :O anyways that really was over the edge. I also want to focus more on my creations since I'm getting more and more orders I think I just might make it. So next year I'll take a break from school, sew like crazy, have a fashion show and then I'll see just how much money I can make on my own and then I'll see if I should even bouther going to collage.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

...Ampharos, Audino & Glaceon...

Today I had a photoshooting with my lovely new friends! :D
Creations were made in February already but we decided to wait for spring. ^^

Creations made by me:
Ampharos kigurumi
Audino Kigurumi
Glaceon hoddie

photo by me.


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