Thursday, 29 August 2013


Last night a friend of mine came over to do some sewing. She really wants to learn how to sew so she often helps me out so we stayed up all night making dresses for my fashion show :D 

She also found these Pikachu purses I started to make but lost interest years ago and she still wanted one so I let her finish one and keep it since she helps me out a lot ;)

I also just found out that I've been nominated for Liebster Blog Award but I need a nap before making a post about it ;)


  1. Waaaah your things are so cute ;A; Can I buy them somehow? *Q*

    1. Thank you ^^ Of course ;) I have a listing for pokemon hoodies on etsy but it can also be any other hoodie you want and for anything else just contact me and we can work something out :3

    2. yeah I'd LOVE to buy your stuff could you please send me the link to your shop? *__*

    3. sure ^^

      etsy :

      you can also contact me on facebook about anything ;)