Saturday, 31 December 2011


I buy stuff online on regular bases. 
why? my country, Slovenia, only has lame stores with ugly clothes.
there are only 3 stores where I could buy anything and even there everything is overpriced.
and few months ago one of the stores got closed. 
there fore poor me got no choice but to order stuff. I mostly order for e-bay but now i ordered for bodyline for a change. and I must say  I'm really happy about it. I got my order reather quickly even in the x-mas time were there is more ordering then usually.


and here is what I bought ^^

i got black/white ones ^^


i got black ones ^_^


...X-mas presents....

This years I made donats with little box and in the box there is phone charm and toung pircing and everything is in mathing colours. Everything exept the pircing is handmade by me. Colours I chose for this year were blue, purple and pink. 

and for my boyfriend I bought this dragon candle holder. really lovely ^^  it'll fit perfectly in my imaginary apartment when we move in together :3

Sunday, 25 December 2011

merry x-mas!

**Merry x-mas everyone!!**

so this month was very busy for me becouse my teachers think it's funny to torture me.
and since I don't really like my classmates either school it's really pain in the ass for me.
there for I've done almost nothing productive this month (beside school). 
so i promise to do better next month ;)

and a christmas photo (form last year xD)