Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Few days ago I finally made myself a lookbook :D
I wanted to do it soo many times before but I finally found a spot to take pictures on timer becouse I really don't want to bother my friends to take pictures of my clothes and then send them to me (my phone sucks and I don't drag my giant camera everywhere) :P

so for start I made a few of my favourite outfits and made sure that things do not repeat themselfs. Of course some such as my favourite accessories that I really wear a lot do and shoes becouse well I'm a normal human with financal limitaions :D on that note I also discovered a lovely second hand side for my country wehere you can buy, sell and trade with others and I got a lot of stuff there ^^

I will post more as I acquire more things and/or think of new combos becouse sadly a lot of time I just wear an oversized t-shirt with some fandom thing on it (I have lots and lots of these I really love them) and a skirt but like I said I don't want there to be pretty much the same outfits just you know stuff in different colours :3

so enough rambling - picture time! :D 
Click here to ckeck it out! :3

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


cought Mewtwo today! :D
this one is going to US ^^

Also only 2 days until my final exam this year ... sooo tired ... need a nap xD

Hope you like it! :3

Friday, 6 June 2014


Insted of starting to study early for my upcoming exams I was cathing Pokemon and I cought Charmander today! I'm so happy I have another 1st generation starter in my collection. A 12 year old me would be so proud right now :3

This one is going to Germany and it's also the first time a hoodie of mine will go there :D
I hope one day my Pokemons  could be found everywhere oh I can't wait for that day to come *w*

I hope you like it and have a nice day ^^


Today I also recived photos of my final project for school.
We had to make an abstract inspired dress.
My inspireation were Pixels like old Pokemon games for GameBoy and the effect you get when you really oom in the photo you can't see anything but and abstract bunch of pixels :D

In my opinion it's not as good as my usual stuff but oh well I thought I'd share anyways :3
I also wanted to make it inspired by Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise (at first we were told to make 3 but becouse of the lack of time we could only make 1) but the techer then insisted to make colours blak, red and white. The like main inspiration was also something else which I alredy forgot haha :P 

Photo: Luka Svetlin
Model: Zlata Okugič

Thursday, 5 June 2014


I really hope this isn't just me but every year at time like this I become lazy and sleppy all the damn time. This happens to me becouse of the changes of pressure in the air. It's really annoying specially it starts around the finals. I've been working like crazy for past few weeks to get all the suff done for school.

Yesterday was the last day we had to be at school and I only have to take my last 3 exams and this nightmare will finally stop! :3 for well you know few months ... but still! :D 
Now that I don't have to go anywhere I can work more on my hoodies so don't worry they are on the way and they are awsome! ^^

Yesterday I also recived my Cryaotic t-shirt and bought fabric for my first summer projects :3

Have a great day everyone! ^^