Monday, 25 March 2013


Today I created the my first creation for little girls! 
It's a flower/heart sweater! :D 
I just hope it fits becouse I haven't really made any patterns for kids before so I just improvised it a bit ^^"

Saturday, 23 March 2013


my latest creation. It's a bunny! no pokemon today for a change :D
This one was made for my new customer. She was super happy when she saw the picture and said that she will order more creations from me how cool is that :3

Monday, 18 March 2013


Some working pictures I took after finishing my latest pokemon.
This time I made Pichu - valentines day edition and Raichu. :D
For these sweaters I needed some help from the sewist since I have so much school work ... she only sewed together the base; I made all the patterns and details. ^^
Pichu - valentines day
my friend Ani also wanted a Pichu but since I alredy made it we did a valentines day edition; I made it a bit softer and with a lots of pink hearts all over. Adorable! ^^
I was really happy when Ani wanted a Raichu becouse it's one of my favourite pokemon :D
I can't wait for a photoshooting with my latest creations but we were having some bad weather lately so hopefully there will be some sun to create beautiful pictures! ^^

Saturday, 16 March 2013


I have no intention of hiding the fact that career is very very important to me specially now since I have a plan to open my company right after collage but yesterday I discovered just how very career oriented I really am.
My boyfrend took me out to luch yesterday and I decided to wear my favourite purse (mine is actually a cute heart-shaped back pack with bat wings :D) and when I reached for it I found it covered in DUST! I haven't been out in soo long that it got all dusty! o.O
That was a huge shock for me becouse I used to be a real party animal only few years ago :D
Anyways since I never share my oufit photos I decided to do that today :D
the pictures aren't the best I really don't have any camrea stand and I tried improvisation but it's just haven't found a good place for that ... also I'm to lazy to photoshop them haha :)
 Today I wore a kind of summer dress I got from my neighboor ;)
Side. so you can see my dusty backpack :D
Another one of my backpack ^^ it's soo cute! *__*
The cutest shoes <3
home made chocker and cross neckles ;)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Today my facebook page got a 100 likes! :D 
and this happened on my b-day what a great gift! ^^
You can check out my page here ;)


Today it's a very special day for me becouse I'm 21 years old! wiii~ :D
Now I can legally buy alcohol everywhere in the world (in my country it's legall to do it at 18 :D)
I need to save money right now so I won't be having any b-day party but I'll eat a whole cake today which is very awsome for me cuz I love cake! ^^

Saturday, 9 March 2013


I was so happy becouse I got an order for one of my favourite outfits I designed. It's my zebra boxer t-shirt with matching zebra school girl skirt!

I got the t-shirt in stock alredy so I just needed to make a skirt in the right size.
Also another chance to mess aroung with my sewing torso :D
You might also remember the outfit from the photoshoot I made in summer ^__^

Monday, 4 March 2013


Another pokemon was added to my colletcion recently and this time it's Umbreon :D
I'm soo happy with this one I made it really fast and it looks great. I made so many of these I am like a pro alredy haha ^^ anyways time for pictures ;)
 I got a sewing torso for christmas and this time I actually remembered to take pictures on it :D

My wonderfull client needed it for the party ;)
I also made her the skirt to go along with it :D


Some time ago I started to expand my eras. I think it looks really great :D I'm at about 06 mm right now but I'm gonna expand to 10mm. I don't think I'll expand any more at least not right now. 
I alredy ordered my plugs from ebay at really good price of course ^^
 Soon .... :D
I'm taking it really slow so the process is not painful at all. I do have a few piercings and all of them healed very fast and all of them were very painless. I consider myself very lucky for that some of my friends had a lot of problems with theyr piercings a lot of bleeding and pain ... one of my friends actually passed out after geting her toung pierced but mine healed almost completly in a week.
Anyways I have 2 expanders left to go and then I can wear these beautiful babies *_* can't wait!