Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Day 6
I haven't watched Panty & Stocking yet.

There are actually a lot of anime I haven't watched yet but really want to so far I had only watched around 50 dfferent anime. ^^" 
So this one I wanted to see for a while. I actually have no idea what it's about but look at Stocking (the one on the right) she is soo cute with her hair and her dress and owghh!! *__*


Day 5.
The answer is none.
I'm not ashamed of any anime I've watched so far not even the really weird and dirty ones haha :D 

I didn't really know what picture to put here so I chose somethnig weird and not dressed :D I beleve this one is from a new anime I have to check out ^^

Monday, 29 July 2013


Day 4
My favourite female character is Erza Scarlet.
This one was really easy becouse I dislike most female characters in anime. They usually put themselfs in dangerus situations and then mess it up, almost get themselfs killed and start crying for lead male character to save them then he almost dies becouse he has to save her sorry useless ass. 
So I really like the super strong female characters that doesn't wait and wine for guys to save her but can as well kick theyr ass too and one of them is defenetlly Erza from Fairy Tail. 
She has really great power of changing armors which are really cool and will be mentioned again later in the challenge so hang on for that ;)
Once she even dressed as gothic lolita awgh she was soo cute! *__*

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Day 3
My favourite male character is Death the kid.

There is a lot of male characters I like but I guess if I really had to choose I'd choose Death the kid from Soul Eater. I also alredy talked about this one here.

So  Death the kid is really awsome. He freaks out if something is not symmetrycal and then it's just his luck that he has 3 white strikes on one side of his hair and he can't get ride of them poor guy :D He then needs 2 weapons so he can carry each in one hand just so he can be symmetrycal ;) it's soo hilarius XD but he's also really strong no suprise there since he's the son of grim reaper :3

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Day 2
One of my favoutite animes so far is Highschool Of The Dead

Techically I don't have a favourite anime I could bearly made a top 5 becouse I've watched so many awsome ones it's really a nightmare D:
But usually when someone askes me about which anime I like the first one I say is highschool of the dead that's why I put this one ;)
I've alredy talked about it in one of my posts fell free to read more here.

Friday, 26 July 2013


Day 1.
Very first anime I watched was Naruto.

So the story with how & why I decided to watch my first anime is that a friend of mine was obsesed with it spectially with Sasuke like all the girls were and I was looking for inspiration for drawing so one time I drew Sasuke for her and she loved it so she made me draw another and another and another. By the 5th drawing I decided I should really watch what in fact I was actually drawing so I watched one of the movies and fell in love. I watched so much of it back then I forgot how the sun looked like :D I haven't watched it in a while actually I think it's way to long and has way to much fillers. 

That's all for today :D I really hope I won't forget I'm doing this challenge haha :3

Thursday, 25 July 2013


My cousin send me this 30 day anime challenge and said to send her the answers.
I decided to also put it on my blog. I wanted to do one of these challenges but haven't found right one to do so what better then an anime challenge right ;) 
now it's 2 am here and I'll go get some sleep and do the day 1 in the morning ^^


Today I felt so bad for not bloging anything good in a while. The reason for that was as I alredy said in last couple posts that one of my sewing machines broke and I send it to servise but one a year I have to send all of my sewing machines (I have 3) so the warranty doesnt expire so since I had to send one I decided to send them all. I had to do that sonner or later anyways. A couple days ago I finally recived them after a whole week of waiting just so realise that one of them isn't working. And it wasn't even the one that needed to be fixed. Now it will take another week to get that one fixed. I'm so pissed! -.-"

So that is why Iv'e been drawing a lot of patterns lately for my fashion show :3
I started learning how to make sewing patterns and also sewing around 6 years ago in high school ( I went to school for fashion design) since then I've been practiseing a lot and I think I've came pretty far. I make all my patterns myself. Everyone says that patterns are really hard to make but it really isn't that dificult to me. I mean it's a lot of work of course but I could always kinda imaggined in my head how it should look like  so that made it easyer for me to make them. In high school I learned all about making patterns for womens' clothing and a shirt also for males but I haven't learned any other for males and children and also for more body types (example for wemen that have big breasts and small waist). I defenetlly want to learn how to make these as well. :D

I took a picture of the patterns I did so far. ^^

In the red one are just the patterns for the fahion show. I have just a few more to make :3
in the one on top are all the other random patterns for hoddies, skirts etc. 

Sunday, 14 July 2013


Since my sewing machines are at servese for 10 days I draw all the time as you might have noticed ;)
If I'm not working on my drawing skills I'm making patterns for fashion show and in the last week I've worked so hard that my hand actually hurts so today I had a day of not drawing and watching CSI :D

Here is another drawing I finished last night ^^


It's a drawing of me and one of my classmates :D she was annoying me the whole time in class while I was sketching something "Is that me and you your drawing?" she was saying the whole time so to have some peace and quite I said "Yeah fine that's us!" so now you can guess which one am I haha :D 

Also I've noticed that I have more drawing of other people then pictures ;)

Hope you like it! :3

Friday, 12 July 2013


So this song was stuck in my head all day that's why I decided to draw some kittens today :D
this is what I came up with in the end ^^
CAT, I'm a kitty cat, and I meow meow meow, and i meow meow meow :D


I was cleaning my room and found one of my old sketchbooks and I decided to redraw one of my old sketches ^^
It really helped me get in a good mood since I've been a bit down becouse my sewing machines are at serves :D
Also my blog has over 3000 views and I haven't even noticed :D I always love looking at stats from which country all the people are reading the blog it makes me really happy ^^
Anyways hope you like my meme ;)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Today I went to my cousin's house becouse she recentlly had a birthday and I made her the most awsome gift ^^ It's a fanart of nurse Joy from pokemon :D

You can see she got the frame with it and everything ;)
I draw it with sakura micron pens and pantone tria markers :3
While I was at her place we were checking out some random games and of cousre I just had to mess around with the dress up ones :D She just send me the pictures of it haha XD
So today was a fun day :D really good to relax once ina while ^^

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Today I went out shopping with my friend.
That might not sound so unusual but everyone knows that I've been only shopping online for past few years so to actually go out in the store that was something else for me.
So not only that I went out I actually bought stuff! That is even stranger since the reason for my online shopping in the begining was that I could not find anything at all in my country.
And to make things even more avsome I found an awsome Star wars shirt in a totally random store!
I was looking for one all over the ebay and then I find it in a store. :D 

Me in my new favourite shirt :D

Sunday, 7 July 2013


My latest super cute creation is a Hello Kitty skirt.
It's soo pink :D

They ran out of Hello Kitty fabric in fabric store so I had to improvise ;)

For some bad news now the light in my sewing machine died and it makes the sewing a bit tricky and my poor baby needs service anyways I hope it won't take to long I have a lot more clothes to make :D

Enjoy! ^^

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Finally finished with these tutus. I got an order a while ago but was so busy with school I couldn't finished it sooner :D

neon green tutu with bow. adorable! *_*
rainbow tutu with matching rainbow cupcakes t-shirt. so cute! :3

I'm so happy to finally work on my long overdo projects ^^
another adorable piece is coming by the end of the week ;)
Hope you like it!