Wednesday, 25 January 2012

... Hair Clips ....

I made some really cute hair clips ^^ 
bows are handmade and i orderd charms from eBay
I hope you like it!

 Bows + hello kitty + cupcakes = <3

Saturday, 21 January 2012

... Drawings!! ...

Random drawing I made during classes ^^ 
so my time isn't completly wasted at school ;)

Winter Bear <3

Purple&Blue <3

Thursday, 19 January 2012

... Old pic! ...

this is one of my favouite pics. 
It was taken back in 2008 I belive and it was the first summer in high school.
We went to bikers meet up and we were basicly drinking all weekend ... ah good times :3

oh yeah I'm the one on the right and on the left is my friend Dani ^^

... High School Of The Dead ...


High School of the Dead
rated 18+, lots of violenc and blood

Definetly one of my favourite animes. <3

Story is about few high school students and a really hot school nurse that are trying to survive apocalypse. They were all at school when the zombie invasion happend so they escaped from a school full of zombies and begine theyr journey to find if there are any family mambers and friends still alive. While trying not to die in the proces an extremely interesting story of fighting and passion takes place.


So lots of blood, zombies and boobs ... the most perfect anime E V E R!

Saeko Busujima
Saeko is my favourite character in high school of the dead. I love how awsome and cool she always is and how she seams to enjoy killing zombies maybe a little too much. I also love her hair colour ^^


 One of my favourite scenes *_*
I can not wait for the season 2!!!

Also love the opening ^^

Thursday, 12 January 2012

... School Girls Can Fly! ...

I draw this one for the doughter of my gym teacher.
I really hope I'll be excused from playing wallyball now xD
Drawing and colouring with pantone tria markers and black rotring pen.
p.s. my scener is kinda screwed up so the colours aren't as nice as they actually are bu-hu :(

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

... School Girl Uniform Skirt ...

after sawing so much for everyone else I've desiced to make myself a couple of school uniform skirts ^^
I made everything from pattern to sawing.
hopefully some better pictures will come but for now I just wanted to share them :3

I just love school uniforms <3
I feal very anime in them :3
I'm in public school do no uniforms for me :(
But at least I can make my own ^^

Sunday, 8 January 2012

... Deadman Wonderland ...

so for my first anime I've decided to start with the latest one I saw.
Why not the favourite? becouse there are so many I like I can't decide on just one to be my favourite that wouldn't be fair to others :3

Deadman wonderland.
rated 18+, lots of violenc and blood

It's about young boy Ganta who survives a freak acident where a "red man" attacks and kills all his classmates. Then he gets convicted responsible for deadth of his friends and goes to jail not like any other but a private jail which is also a wonderland and prisinors must earn points by working the shows just to survive. however the jail is different also becouse some prisinors have special powers and are using them to fight each other. Ganta soon finds himself in this mess way too deep. Luckly there is his friend Shiro who makes life a little brightter.
she was my favourite character here. Her goal in life is to eat as many sweets as possible. :3

Also the most awsome opening E V E R !!!
The song and the anime go together soo perfectly.

...Sharing the love for A N I M E ! ...

Since school started after newyears hollydays again it's time for all the not so good students to fix theyr grades and becouse I'm actually a good student I had some spare time last week and I really felt like watching more animes then usual so I tough about sharing my passion. ^^

so for start I've started watching anime when I was about 12 and I still can't get tierd of it. Around the same time I've also started drawing charecters all the time. Passion about drawing them also got me to art school and even if I'm in fasion class all my illustrations are drawn in anime style. My favourite colouring tehinc is with pantone tria markers and now I'm also learning colouring on photoshop but I still need a bit more practise with that one before there will be anything worth sharing ^^

I've watched around 30 animes so far and I own a little libary of mangas. I don't read manga online I much reather buy it and read it as a book and bring it to school so suffering is more berable. ^^
I'll share my expirienc with each anime in different post and hopefully I'll inspire more people to escape from broing real world to fantasy wonderland of animes. :3

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year*

happy new year everybody!

so my new year was reather good, i got little drunk and one of the first things i did this year was to yell at some dude becouse he was annoying me. Succes! ^^

so let me share some pics :3

me and my best friends <3

last pic of 2011 ^^


me and my boyfriend. <3

...then we drank some more ^^

i got this lovely red umbrella with white polka dots as a present yay ^^