Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sweet Tooth T-shirts.

So I designed and made some awsome unique t-shirts for me and i must say i'm really happy about them :3





Aren't they adorable?? :**

so the models are my friends Metka and Mateja and yes they are twins actually :3

I also created neckleses to go with it :3
Since I made couple more of these I'll make a differetn post and show them the love that they desirve ^^

and here are of course my fashion illustrations ^^

So I hope you like it becouse I really do and I'm super exited about working on more sweet t-shirts.

Saturday, 9 July 2011


soo in only 2 days may favourite event ever will begin. yes that of cours is Metal Camp, the only awsome thing in my lame country. so i'll be cut of the world in Tolmin, Slovenia for whole week just listening to music and drinking with my boyfriend. i've been waiting for this whole year soo i'm super happy about it and it better be legendary.

... also when i come back i will also start with sawing and designing since i have summer vacation now and pleny of time to spare. so i'll be able to do all the things i couldn't while i was busy with school so that's really something i'm looking forward to. ^^