Saturday, 3 August 2013


Day 9
My favourite anime villain is Sesshomaru.

He is Inuyasha's half brother and they always say how much they hate each other. Sesshomaru is really strong and he then never actually kills his brother and sometimes they even work together. 
He is my favourite villain becouse he always protects little girls called Rin and he acts like he doesn't care about her but we can see his soft side and then we start crying :3


  1. Oh my God Sesshomaru is an amazing character, I lvoe it his personality. and yeah he´s so cool. I love it him more than Inuyasha!
    Lol xD

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    1. I know right :D when I was watching Inuyasha I was all like "yeah yeah move along the story and show more of sesshomaru *__*" :3