Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Yesterday I didn't have classes so I wanted to spend my days sewing for my customers and catching up with my school projects sadly I cought the flu or something and I feel teribble and I'm super sleepy whole time. The timing is teribble since I have more orderes then I ever had before. Blah. -.-"

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


This is my first sewing project at my collage.
I'm very proud of it I worked 2 whole days on it and teacher said it's sewed perfectly.
I'm really happy that I was able so prove my skills.
Speaking about sewing last week was just crazy I got over 5 new orderes to make most of them are Pokemon sweaters. This is the first time I got so much orderes in such a short time so even if I'll be super busy next few months I'm also really happy to see how much people like my work. :D

I got a new small sketchbook and I tested it out yesterday during my class. I have so much work that I can only sketch during some of my classes :D.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

... Hamster! ...

as some of you know I've had pet rats for a really long time now, about 5 years but since I really love rodents of all kind so this time I bought a hamster :D

her name is Viki.
she is a she is my new russian dwarf hamster .
first I tought it was a boy and I named her Victor since it's russian but then we found out it's a girl ;)