Thursday, 19 January 2012

... High School Of The Dead ...


High School of the Dead
rated 18+, lots of violenc and blood

Definetly one of my favourite animes. <3

Story is about few high school students and a really hot school nurse that are trying to survive apocalypse. They were all at school when the zombie invasion happend so they escaped from a school full of zombies and begine theyr journey to find if there are any family mambers and friends still alive. While trying not to die in the proces an extremely interesting story of fighting and passion takes place.


So lots of blood, zombies and boobs ... the most perfect anime E V E R!

Saeko Busujima
Saeko is my favourite character in high school of the dead. I love how awsome and cool she always is and how she seams to enjoy killing zombies maybe a little too much. I also love her hair colour ^^


 One of my favourite scenes *_*
I can not wait for the season 2!!!

Also love the opening ^^

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