Thursday, 25 July 2013


Today I felt so bad for not bloging anything good in a while. The reason for that was as I alredy said in last couple posts that one of my sewing machines broke and I send it to servise but one a year I have to send all of my sewing machines (I have 3) so the warranty doesnt expire so since I had to send one I decided to send them all. I had to do that sonner or later anyways. A couple days ago I finally recived them after a whole week of waiting just so realise that one of them isn't working. And it wasn't even the one that needed to be fixed. Now it will take another week to get that one fixed. I'm so pissed! -.-"

So that is why Iv'e been drawing a lot of patterns lately for my fashion show :3
I started learning how to make sewing patterns and also sewing around 6 years ago in high school ( I went to school for fashion design) since then I've been practiseing a lot and I think I've came pretty far. I make all my patterns myself. Everyone says that patterns are really hard to make but it really isn't that dificult to me. I mean it's a lot of work of course but I could always kinda imaggined in my head how it should look like  so that made it easyer for me to make them. In high school I learned all about making patterns for womens' clothing and a shirt also for males but I haven't learned any other for males and children and also for more body types (example for wemen that have big breasts and small waist). I defenetlly want to learn how to make these as well. :D

I took a picture of the patterns I did so far. ^^

In the red one are just the patterns for the fahion show. I have just a few more to make :3
in the one on top are all the other random patterns for hoddies, skirts etc. 


  1. I think that's so awesome and you can really be proud of yourself. <3
    I hope someday I can become better in sewing so that I eventually can sew tops and dresses for myself. ^^"

    1. thank you! :3 Good luck ^^ it takes a lot of practice and patience but eventully you'll get there ;)