Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Today I went out shopping with my friend.
That might not sound so unusual but everyone knows that I've been only shopping online for past few years so to actually go out in the store that was something else for me.
So not only that I went out I actually bought stuff! That is even stranger since the reason for my online shopping in the begining was that I could not find anything at all in my country.
And to make things even more avsome I found an awsome Star wars shirt in a totally random store!
I was looking for one all over the ebay and then I find it in a store. :D 

Me in my new favourite shirt :D


  1. It's nice to go to an actual store once in a while when usually buying things online.. I'm usually buying everything online too.. X)

    1. Yeah it's really something ;) when I was buying it my friend said wanna go try it on and I was like ...why? I completlly forgot you actually get to try clothes before buying them haha :D