Monday, 16 July 2012

... Tequilla R.I.P ...

My wonderfull pet rat Tequilla passed away today. :(
She died from old age, she was more then 3 yeras old which is a lot for a rat. It wasn't really a suprise that she died but I'm still really sad about it but on the other hand I'm glad that she didn't suffer a lot.
However when she started to get old and weak my other rat Chii (Tequilla's doughter) also started to get little old and weak. She is 2 years old witch is also old for a rat so I'm affraid that she will pass away shortly too. It might also be connected to Tequilla's death since she was with her almost whole life.
Whole situation is pretty sad for me now. I'm really emotional when it comes to my babies :(


  1. omg *_* the mouse looks so cute <3


    1. thank you but it's actually a rat ;)