Thursday, 26 July 2012

... Room renovation v.3.0...

Today my mom went to my room and she discovered my plans for renovatin. I had some things drying from they'r "pain jobs" and she freaked out becouse aperantlly I once again "detroyed" her apartmened and did all off this just so I can piss her off. Me and my mom aren't close at all but I guess you can figure that one on your own and she is soo self cetered NO i didn't start my renovations for her I did it for me so I can fell better in the enviorment I'm in. She also said that she won't buy me new computrer becouse my room is "such a mess" and it makes her sick to look at it ... luckly I have no problems keeping her out of here ^^

now renovation is still a go! so back to the fun stuff!! :D

For everything you can pain or is still not interesting enough after you pain it there are always awsome little stickers that can be put ANYWHERE! so no electroniks are safe now mwahaha! Here are some I found and will also buy some later. :3

and also a really cool thing is when you have leftover stickers are aren't right colour for you room they make wonderfull gifts for your friends ;)
Well I guess normal people do this step first but I really hate cleaning so I must first do something fun with my room so I get motivation :D 

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