Saturday, 21 July 2012

... Room renovation! ...

So I never had the awsome room that I would really love and the reason for that is my mom. She is very boring and she doesn't like any junk and everything has to be fold and in the closets, nothing can be coloured and decorations must be minimun. she prefers the word "practical" to describe her but I disagre, you can call it whatever you want and it's still boring. By now you can probablly tell I'm nothing like that. I really love stuff! I love decorations EVERYWHERE so my guessts can see what awsome stuff I have and what I made. I also love drawing on walls and furniture becouse I hate plain boring brown furniture with nothing on it. As you can imagen the combination of these 2 is deadly -.-" 

So both times I got new room (once in my old house where we live until I was 15, and the second time when we moved into the new apartment) I got new boring furniture and becouse it was new I wasn't allowed to do anything with it, she got mad if I even stick pictures on it and of course I found that very boring and I ended up hating my room and there for not taking good care of it. She wouldn't even let me have wall coloured the way I wanted. once she coloured it orange and then I asked for purple and I wasn't at home when she got it coloured and now I'm stuck with a kind of purple that is almost pink blah! 

But the one good thing about geting older is doing whatever you want and not get in trouble with your parents! ;) so last year I already did some modefications to my room. I added dark purple stripes on one of the walls, I did a kind of corset detail on my bad and I bought myself a awsome mirror. so this time I'm taking renovation to the fullest! :D

Nomber one problem of pretty much everyone is of course lack of money. 
of course I can't afford to just throw everything out and buy awsome expansive stuff so I've decided to use old uselles junk I have laying around my room and make it nice. I bought colours in spray (purple and black) and I'm gonna spray the hell out of everything that has colours that I don't like 
I'm in the procces of coloring few of my stuff alredy so when I'm done I'll share how it all went ;)

 This is for my furniture, it's so boring and wooden and than details are silver blah I hate it! so since I'm really good at drawing why not paint sometnih on it and it will be super interesting. My closet has 3 doors, one is big mirror (wich I like) and some drawers, and the other 2 are devided so I have like 5 squers with boarder around on each door. That's how I've decided to first colour it and then draw chibi versions of my friends in each squer and since I don't have that much good friends I will have more then enough squers xD I havent's start working on this project yet becouse first I promised my boyfriend to draw cyber jedi girl with big boobs and latex dress on his door ^^ anyways picutres will be given when I'm done ;)

Since I don't need to sqeuz everytnig in one post more plans to renovate coming soon ! ;)


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  2. sorry

    i like your profile photo's hair!!
    amazing color<3

    1. thank you it's my favourite one too :D
      sadly I can't have it right now becouse my hair are so weak of all the bleaching =/ so maybe in few years I'll be blue again ^^