Sunday, 22 July 2012

... Room renovation v.2.0 ...

Let me share some more of my plans today! :3

something I wish to change for ages. all my beddings are old, non matching colours and have been eaten by my rats. The thing is my mom won't buy me new ones becouse she says that these are fine. Most of them are not fine, i only have one black sheet and one pair of black covers, then i have one red/white with japanese lettering on witch is ok but a lot of others are different weird shades of orange and green (two of my most no-no colours -.-). What I want now for my bedding is some zebra and skull patterns, some plain one coloured bedding so it's easy to make combinations and lots of pillows!

I think I'll buy the bedding insted of making it becouse well it'll cost a lot in either way and I don't really have time to make it unless of course I don't find anything suitble then I'll have no choice. But for pillow covers I'll make some myself maybe with some shapes I have tons of filling at home so yeah I can make a bunch of pillows :D but I'll also buy some covers with anime motive on gosh they are so adorable *__* and kinda perverted ;)

I see how a lot of money will be spend on this one but I have a twin size bed it takes like 3/4 of space in my room so it must be pretty ^^

about 10 days ago I ordered a bunch of jewellery for me and my friends so I hope to recive most of it next week yay! ^^ but then I remembered that I have not organised my jewellery & make-up area properlly yet. So I went on eBay again and searched for some jewellery holders and storage boxes so here is what I found and everything is also not very expensive so I'll defenetly buy few items later :3


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