Friday, 13 July 2012

... Lucky Star ...

last week I was at my cousins b-day party. she turned 13 and I she loves to watch anime. I was soo happy since I'm the one showed  her the amazing world of anime waaa~ x3
anyways we when I was there we talked all about what animes we watch and I remembered one I started watching years ago and never finished it so ta~da! this time I'm watching it all the way! ^.^

so Lucky star is about regular life of four high school girls. It's really funny to watch since I usually watch fighting ones with ninjas and spells and blood so something different fells good ;)

Konata Izumi
far my favourite carecter ever!
she loves anime, manga and games... and that's all she really cares about!
even tought she is super smart her grades are low becouse well she has to play games all the time and doesnt has time to study.
she is just like me!
and her hair colour is super-cute!! :3

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