Tuesday, 2 October 2012

... More Purple Hair! ...

so I re-dyed my hair yesterday and I now have a really deep purple hair colour. What can I say my hunny-bunny says he likes it ^^

I guess it'll wash a bit soon it wasn't that dark on the box that I bought it in :o
you can also see what was left from my make-up :D I had a busy morning today ^^ 

However I'm seruslly thinking about geting my blue hair back in a while not becouse I wouldn't like that colour (I love it by the way :D) but I miss that waw factor. But I don't miss bleaching my hair and dyeing them all the time that is downside yes one of the reasons for this colour choise was definetlly to let my hair grow and heal a bit ... anyways I have to think about it but here is a pic from 2010, my favourite one with blue hair and if you feel like it tell me what you think thx ;)


  1. The purple looks really nice ^^
    The blue looks amazing, love how it matches your eye color!

    1. thank you ^^ yes I like that too ;)