Friday, 28 September 2012

... Back to school! ...

My summer vacations are about to end on monday and it's back to school time for me. I really don't like going to school becouse I don't get along with my school mates and we don't even get to wear uniforms :(

Also I wasn't very active this month, sadly. As I mentioned on last post I made myself visa card to start selling online. my original plan was to start doing that in july but I had a bunch of problems, first with my school (I needed profe that I'm registered in school) then with my new bank and with my former bank (I also had to swich banks) it was a mess and it also took so much of my time -.-"
Then I also had problems at home with my mother. We had a couple of huge fights and that totally stressed me and it lasted for like 3 months! also room renovation is cancelled sadly I better start saving up so I can actually move out really soon.
However I've been sawing and designing the whole time and I also wanted to make photoshooting before school starts but that was also moved from this weekend to next, sadly. :( I've decided it's time to find great spot for my camera to make outfits shoots but that's quite difficult since my camera is soo big and I don't have a professional camera stand ... so Improviastion it is! ^^

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