Monday, 8 October 2012


So you might noticed that there are couple more items in my Etsy shop.
Here are pictures from whole photoshooting, I call it Kittens becouse there was a neighboors cat that wouldn't leave us alone so it ended up being part of the shooting :D and also my model's nickname is Cybercat and she is as cute as a kitten :3 

this is my favourite picture so far <3*
Skirt&jacket were originally made for me but I screwed something up and jacket ended up being too small for me :( luckly my model bought it the second after she saw it ;)
t-shirt is FOR SALE and you can find it here.

the cute kittens :3
t-shirt created by me, also available but it's not on Etsy yet.

outfit- created by me
skirt is for myself
t-shirt available

lollipop skirt
created for myself

white polkadots skirt
you can find it here.

and that's it for today!
also all the pictures were taken by me ^^
now I'm alredy planing my winter wonderland shooting it'll come when the snow falls :3

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