Sunday, 8 January 2012

...Sharing the love for A N I M E ! ...

Since school started after newyears hollydays again it's time for all the not so good students to fix theyr grades and becouse I'm actually a good student I had some spare time last week and I really felt like watching more animes then usual so I tough about sharing my passion. ^^

so for start I've started watching anime when I was about 12 and I still can't get tierd of it. Around the same time I've also started drawing charecters all the time. Passion about drawing them also got me to art school and even if I'm in fasion class all my illustrations are drawn in anime style. My favourite colouring tehinc is with pantone tria markers and now I'm also learning colouring on photoshop but I still need a bit more practise with that one before there will be anything worth sharing ^^

I've watched around 30 animes so far and I own a little libary of mangas. I don't read manga online I much reather buy it and read it as a book and bring it to school so suffering is more berable. ^^
I'll share my expirienc with each anime in different post and hopefully I'll inspire more people to escape from broing real world to fantasy wonderland of animes. :3

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