Sunday, 8 January 2012

... Deadman Wonderland ...

so for my first anime I've decided to start with the latest one I saw.
Why not the favourite? becouse there are so many I like I can't decide on just one to be my favourite that wouldn't be fair to others :3

Deadman wonderland.
rated 18+, lots of violenc and blood

It's about young boy Ganta who survives a freak acident where a "red man" attacks and kills all his classmates. Then he gets convicted responsible for deadth of his friends and goes to jail not like any other but a private jail which is also a wonderland and prisinors must earn points by working the shows just to survive. however the jail is different also becouse some prisinors have special powers and are using them to fight each other. Ganta soon finds himself in this mess way too deep. Luckly there is his friend Shiro who makes life a little brightter.
she was my favourite character here. Her goal in life is to eat as many sweets as possible. :3

Also the most awsome opening E V E R !!!
The song and the anime go together soo perfectly.

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