Thursday, 2 October 2014


Hello everyone! :D 

So today I brought my camera to school so I can try doing the outfit of the day kind of thing.
I think it went pretty good there is some forest right behind our school so we managed to get few awesome photos :3 

Today I was wearing:
- Cryaotic T-shirt
-Sailor girl skirt I made
-jacker with spikes I got second hand and made modifications to it
- black white striped tights
- socks with lace
-  turquoise sneaks
- bracelet I made 

I also posted it on Lookbook check it out! It's also equipped with all the links and stores where I got my items :3 

I really enjoyed making this outfit post it's a lot of fun no wonder so many people make it! :D

My photographer was my friend Klavdija ^^

Hope you like it! :3

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