Sunday, 5 October 2014


Hi everyone! :D

This is the outfit I wore on Friday :3
It's an all black outfit! I used to wear all black everyday when I was a teen but I haven't done that in a while lately I really like black&white and/or splash of blue to match my hair which are blue all the time back then I had blue few times but never for a long period of time ^^ 

I was wearing:
-lace top with long sleeves
-lace knitted skirt
-ripped tights 
-basic black top (under the lace)
-fake leather vest
-platform sneakers 
- black flower hairclip

You can also check it out on lookbook :3

Pohots by Klavdija
She is my classmate and we are also experimenting with photos ^^

And that's it for my second ootd post I hope you like ti :D


  1. I really love your thights. I wore lot of black when i was teenager but now i love colours too. You look amazing.
    Bai, Shiki