Thursday, 29 May 2014


About a week ago my hammster Viki passed away R.I.P. :(

Since I've been thinking about also getting a rat for a while now I went and got one few days ago :D
Now I have a new adorable rattie ^^

Her name is Yuno and she is an albino dumbo rat :3
She is looks really scared at times and she even bites quite a bit but once I managed to get her out she looks really fine with it she just sits there in my lap and cleans herself.

I've just realized how very unused I'm to an untrained rat. For past years I've shared rats with my ex and that meant less time for the new ones to get used to people also she is a bit older then the ones I usually and her bites are way stronger then what I'm used to. Yesterday I took a step back and went to search for some tips on the internet so now I'll just give her treats for like a week or so and not take her out at all. 

I hope she gets used to everything really soon I just know we'r gonna be great friends in no time ^^ 


  1. Aww, Yuno looks cute and I'm sure you'll become friends very soon. :) Just give her some time to adjust. ^^

    1. thank you ^^ indeed :D I also just figured out she is way more relaxed when I have her cage in my room insted of the livingroome where I usually have them otherwise litttle devils keep me up at night ;)