Saturday, 19 April 2014


So I made this amazing outfit some time ago and now I finally took some decent pictures of it!

I'm aslo selling this beauty on etsy
This is a prototype for a dress like this and was originally created for a client however she hasn't paid me for this outfit and I made it 8 months ago!! Now I got feed up with waiting so I'm selling the whole outfit. 

I'd however love to make more Pokemon themed outfit/dresses! if you'r interested please contact me! ^^

Hope you like it! ;)


  1. amazing!
    really I like this cosplay :)
    sure you had a lot of work to do it :)
    thank you for your reply and comment :)
    I send kisses :)

  2. Oh god, a dress! *_* That's also such a cool idea. Hope to see more like this in future. :3

    1. Thank you :D yes I would also love to make more Pokemon outfits ^^ I really hope this one will inspire some more custom orders like that ;)