Friday, 21 March 2014


Heii guys!
Soo I might have forgotten about my blog a bit I'm sorry about that ^^"
I was also unable to take pictures for a while becouse I lend my camera to a friend and she didn't return it on time *sigh*
I totally remember when I was younger I said to myself that I would not be the cliche artist that never sticks to it's dead line and is always late with stuff well I guess it's called cliche for a reason haha :D

so I made this dress for myself becouse it was my birthday last week! Now I fell old TT_TT

It's a pretty simple skater dress with awsome pattern I had that fabric for like 2 years now and I finally made something from it yay me :3


  1. Love the dress! I really really like skater dresses. :3
    And happy belated birthday to you. ♥