Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Hello guys! ^^
Happy holidays to everyone :D
I hope everyone is having a good time :3
I won't do anthing special this year but still just tough I'd share how my xmas is going ;)

Here is my well... "christmas tree" :D and my snow Miku very christmasy I must say haha :3 Also I have the light taped on my room whole year so yeah xD

And this is my xmas look for this year :D
My black santa hat, Star wars t-shirt and a striped shirt (stripes remind me of candy canes I also tought I'd buy some this year but like every year I forgot ^^")

I'm also not actually going anywhere this year I just wanted to play with my make-up a bit :3 Today I'll probally just rewatch all Star wars movie I don't really fell like going out or anything just a bit of relaxing by myself from people and work ^^ 

I hope you have a great time for xmas this year ;)


  1. Happy holidays to you, too! ^-^ ♥
    Your "Christmas tree" is lovely. :P And I've never seen a black Santa hat before but I love it! xD Must have!! You look so cute with it. ^w^

    1. Thank you :3 Oh yes the black santa hat is my faourite thing about winter haha :D