Monday, 16 December 2013


Hello everyone! 
So few days ago my Panda Bear, lolita inspired collection was presented at event Makkon.
I alredy recived few photos and just couldn't wait for all of them to make a new post :3 

Here I am in my kigurumi and behind me my wonderful models :3

Some close ups of my wonderful models ^^

 Me really happy after the show :3

I enjoyed the show very much and I'm really pleased with what I created I think that the collection really reprisents me as a designer ^^
I will also meake a post or 2 more about the event and my collection once I get my hands on all the photos :3 I will also put them on etsy ;) 

It was howere pointed out to me that the collection isn't enough lolita to be caled lolita style aperantlly I broke to many "lolita rules" and here I was thinking that the style was about having fun not following rules.
 Of course everyone has a right to theyr own opinion and I'd really like to hear even more toughts on this. 

... so thoughs anyone? :3

Also I hope you like it ^^


  1. Congratz :D
    I´m really looking forward to your new posts with more pictures!
    I really like what you did there but yeah.. I guess most Lolitas won´t consider your collection as Lolita D:
    But don´t worry about that~ it´s like you said.. fashion should be about having fun and feeling pretty not about rules :D

    1. Thank you :3 I'm really glad you like it ;)
      Yeah I did go a bit far from the classic lolita look still the lolita was original inspiration for the whole collection so I didn't want to change the name ^^"