Saturday, 16 November 2013


Cought a Gengar today!
This one is going to UK ^^

I'm really happy about all the Pokemon I catch but every time I get one of the old ones it's even more special to me since I grew up with them so I'm really glad to get a chance to make a classic one today *feels*

Hope you like it! :3


  1. These hoodies are really cool, whoever gets this is sooo lucky! Keep up the good work! You truly are skilled >_<

  2. That's so cool, as always. *_*
    Seeing this I'd totally like to get a Haunter hoody but I'd love to get a Marowak, too. Help me decide, pleaseee! xD

    1. Thank you ^^ ohh I think they'd both be really cool but Haunter would be more of a challenge since it has a ghost like body so that would be interesting to make in a hoodie ;)