Wednesday, 13 November 2013


On this day 2 years ago (14 November 2011) I made my first pokemon hoodie! :3
It was a Pikatchu hoodie yes I know very very cliche but oh well very Pokemon yellow version ;)
Anyways since I made that first one the orders for hoodies started coming my way more and more and in the last year I don't even remember being without commissions for hoodies. With each hoodie I made I gained more Exp and slowly but surely I'm reaching my way to perfection and making my dreams of becoming Pokemon master/Fashion designer come true. ^^

So I would like to dedicate this post to the very first hoodie I made :3
Here are some pictures of it ;) 

Model & owner of the hoodie Larissa
Photo by me

And it has 3 stripes insted of 2 becouse ... well you know yolo haha XD

Hope you like my little splash from the past ;)


  1. Wow, happy anniversary! ^0^ You have improved so much, keep it up. ♥