Friday, 27 September 2013


Oh gosh I can't beleve I forgot to upload this babies here hahaha :"D
I really wasn't myself last couple of days ;)

Anyways a bounch of small bags I made & posted a while ago to raise some money for my fashion show finally lived to see the day of they'r photoshooting :D
Here are the pictures ^^

Also if anyone is interested the price of one is only 10€ but I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna put them on etsy ^^

And I'm also in a contest the price is the article in Elle magazine in Slovenia. I really hope I can win this time so if you have a minute of your time click here, google translate it and like it that'd be great ;)

I hope you like it :3


  1. Uhh good luck! *__* You deserve to win, your things are so cute! And put them on Etsy, I love them!

    1. Thanks :D I'm really glad you like it I hope they think so too :3 haha I'm still waiting to receve them back from the model so I still have some time to thin about it and see if she hasn't sold them all allredy ;)

  2. Wow, you are amazingly talented! I hope you win the contest!!