Thursday, 5 September 2013


I know I've only been gone for few days but I'm soo happy to be back!
I didn't really want to go I just went to get my boyfriend off my back for always nagging me about it and well it didn't turn out so good I hope that it teaches him to stop pushing me in to the things I don't want to do.

For the first evening we arrived and the following day I had quite a good time but I then realized that my contact lense got snaped in half when I was puting it back to the box and I didn't bring backup. I was really mad becouse without them I can't go to the water since my vision is so bad I can bearlly see and I also couldn't use my camera with my glasses on. We then went to buy new ones and we were searching for like 2 days for a place to buy them and then they only had a different brand that I use and I don't like them very much also now I'm stuck with them for the next 6 months and they cost me 60€ and only so I could go in the sea at least one time and becouse I wouldn't stand the sun on the way back since my eyes are soo sensitive... good times -.-"""

Then I started working on my drawing challenge first I was alredy done lineart and some colouring  and I forgot to save it in .sai format as I'm used to photoshoop saving in the .pdf format if you have more layers and then the computer died and I lost all the layers. Then I started a new image I was also done with lineart and some colouring and my pen for drawing table fell and stoped working.

So then I was stuck somwhere where I didn't even want to be in the firts place with nothing to do, I didn't take any good pictures and I didn't draw anything I was only fighting with my boyfriend becouse he dragged me there and then wouldn't drove me back. Really just drinking for 3 whole days is not  realaxing for me but it's wasting the time I don't have.

And stuff like that happens to me all the time on seaside ever since I was young I never enjoyed being there and I was also usually bored becouse I had nothing to do (I have no siblings and that is the only downside of not haveing any) becouse I always went alone with my mom. 

Anyways I'm NEVER leaving my city again! Exept when I'll go to Japan :D 

p.s. sorry for being too bitch about stuff like that I usually try to focus on the positive at least on my blog but I really needed to get that off my chest. Usually stuff like that happen to me when I live my place so that's the reason I'm always home and create awsome clothes insted of going out all the time;)

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