Monday, 18 March 2013


Some working pictures I took after finishing my latest pokemon.
This time I made Pichu - valentines day edition and Raichu. :D
For these sweaters I needed some help from the sewist since I have so much school work ... she only sewed together the base; I made all the patterns and details. ^^
Pichu - valentines day
my friend Ani also wanted a Pichu but since I alredy made it we did a valentines day edition; I made it a bit softer and with a lots of pink hearts all over. Adorable! ^^
I was really happy when Ani wanted a Raichu becouse it's one of my favourite pokemon :D
I can't wait for a photoshooting with my latest creations but we were having some bad weather lately so hopefully there will be some sun to create beautiful pictures! ^^


  1. I am so in love with your Raichu hoodie!!!! =^_^= I want one soooo badly.... Do you by any chance make them for purchase?? =3

    1. thank you! :D yes I make hoddies for purchase but I also my creations are usually one of a kind. If you'd like a pokemon I haven't created yet I can make one for you, no problem ;) but for raichu I would have to check with the owner first ^^

    2. I completely understand! Raichu is my favorite pokemon but if it's meant to stay a one of a kind item then I would love to pm you about another idea. =^_^=

    3. Thank you for understanding! you wouldn't beleve how many people just start aruging after I say that it's one of a kind ... Raichu is one of my favourite pokemon as well ^^ well we can move this conversation somwhere more privetly perhaps you could over fb or email?