Monday, 4 March 2013


Some time ago I started to expand my eras. I think it looks really great :D I'm at about 06 mm right now but I'm gonna expand to 10mm. I don't think I'll expand any more at least not right now. 
I alredy ordered my plugs from ebay at really good price of course ^^
 Soon .... :D
I'm taking it really slow so the process is not painful at all. I do have a few piercings and all of them healed very fast and all of them were very painless. I consider myself very lucky for that some of my friends had a lot of problems with theyr piercings a lot of bleeding and pain ... one of my friends actually passed out after geting her toung pierced but mine healed almost completly in a week.
Anyways I have 2 expanders left to go and then I can wear these beautiful babies *_* can't wait!


  1. cool!! ^^ I tried to expand my ears as well, but my ears didn't like it at all @___@ They got very infected and in the end I couldn't even use normal earrings so now they are closed completely >___<

    If you want to do the expanding right, you should wait at least 3 months until you change a bigger piece. It's slow, but a lot healthier!

    1. thx ;) oh man that sucks ... yes your right ;) however the small ones at the very begining I could change in few weeks with no pain (I give a bigger one a trial chance for a day of few hours and if it doesn't fell right I go back) but now that I got to the bigger ones the last one took about 3 months to heal ^^