Friday, 18 December 2015

Makkon 2015

Again I was invited to my local convention called Makkon aka best event here :3 

I had a small Pokemon inspired fashion show which was filmed and you can watch it here I'm super happy with it ^0^

I also had a small booth for selling my creations and just for the occasion I created a lot of cute accessories and it worked out very well I can not wait to do this again :D

I specially made a lot of chocker and it was seriously so much fun making them and was so very exited that they were very popular among visitors and I only have a few left. :3 
The ones that are still left can be bought here! ^^   

I also made pretty hats because winter is coming 

I was also so very happy to see a lot of my creations around the event it really made my heart warm <3

It really was great and this thing is just getting better and better every year so I can not wait for the next one :3 

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