Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pokemon Fashion Show

So I had a fashion show earlier this month on convention ANIME' 2015 in Izola. 
It was a Pokemon inspired one ^0^
Since I mostly make hoodies and kigurumies I decided to make dresses and tunics instead for the show. 

There were however a lot of complications at event I should have also had a table to sell my creations but I didn't get one and they almost cancelled the entire thing because it was raining!! D:
I was of course super pissed I didn't spent like half a year creating this babies and travelled 100km to just be cancelled. So we still managed to put something together; they decided to put me 2 hours earlier then planed and they did this in a very last minute and I was searching for models about half an hour before show started ... 

But at the end we did a thing and look adorable :3 
I'm still waiting for some pictures but here are few I got ^^ 
Also a lot of the creations are up on Etsy just in time to arrive for Halloween *hint hint* :D 




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