Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Hello everyone :D

So fall has officially started we had such a shitty weather in summer I can only tell by amount of interest and orders of hoodies I've had lately :3 
I don't really like fall because school starts and about school I'll be forever a big baby and complain how terrible it is I don't even care xD I really just like being alone and not having to deal with anyone that's just paradise for me ^^

Since it'll be getting colder now I won't go out as much as I did in summer and today I bought a fuzzy blanket to keep me warm whole fall and winter while I watch anime and play video games. That's one thing I like about this season I don't fell like going out anyways so I can just chill at home on Friday evening and fell like a genius for not going out and freezing to death xD

me and my fluffy blanket :3

Oh but at least we get Halloween :D we don't really celebrate it here but I'm loving all the artwork everywhere ^^

So yeah that's pretty much what I've been doing lately: watching anime, making hoodies and I started playing League of Legends so I'm pretty much living the dream right now haha :D

I hope everyone has wonderful fall I'll try to bring my camera with me to school more often this year so I will have something to post and also not die from boredom :3  

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