Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Hello everyone! 
I'm really sorry I haven't been posting a lot so I thought about making a little update post :3

So the summer finally started huh? It felt like school was dragging on forever and I failed at one of my exams and I'll have to retake it in the end of August which suck so much I can't even ugh .... also my mother promised me money for when I finish all exams and now I'm kinda broke until the end of summer which also means I can't go anywhere ;_; 

But at least I was able to still get new computer because my last one was really dying and now I'm finally able to play some games :3 

Also that's mostly what I've been doing ... relaxing. I really don't want to overwork myself sadly the school took so much time and energy I can't even believe it. Now I finally had a few night and days of gaming and hanging out with my friends it's time to get serious about all the orders and projects waiting for me *nod nod*

Anyway thank you all for sticking around I'll be back with more stuff as often as I can :3

I hope you'r all having a wonderful summer! ^^

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