Saturday, 1 June 2013


A few weeks ago I created my first prom dress.
I'm really happy about this one since I believe creating a prom dress is a really big milestone.
So the client was my lovely friend Larissa. She is always kind of my test bunny becouse she always asks me for stuff I never actually made before but I know how to make in theory. She was the first one that asked for a pokemon hoddie and well that turned out pretty great didn't it ;) I owe her a huge thanks for that ^^
so back to the dress :D
It's an adorable lolita style dres with huge bow in the back I love it!!
working picture.
a snap shoot of her dancing. oh yeah I also made her boyfriend a matching tie :D
After we finish our exams we'll have a lovely photoshooting since aperantlly the school for art and photography can't provide any good pictures. oh the irony :3
anyways hope you like it! ^^


  1. Ohh, this is such a lovely and cute dress! I love the shape and colors! Fits you perfectly :)

    ♥ Maho

    1. Thank you I'm glad you like it :D however it's not me who's wearing it it is my friend ;)

  2. Woow, to si ti naredila :o
    Noro lepa oblekica. Vsaka ti čast.!