Monday, 1 April 2013


It's been a while since I wrote anything about anime here :D
I've been super busy with sewing so I didn't have much time to watch any but I get in a really bad mood if I skip my anime dose ;)
Today I finaly finished watching one of the really classic anime ... Inuyasha ;)
It's actually been in the first ones I've watched but I kinda forgot about it and when I was close to finishing it I stoped watching. I do that a lot specially with my favourite animes becouse I just don't want the story to end .... today I decided that this has been draging long enough and I watched the last season.
The story is great! Full or fighting and comedy and even romance.
It's about a girl Kagome who felt trough the well and ended up 500 years in the past. Thre she cames across a half demon Inuyasha and the adventure begins!
This anime is very sentimental to me becouse every time I think about it it takes me back about 10 years ago when I abendoned an ordenery life for a lifetime obsession with anime and japan. ^^


  1. Haha, I know that feeling. I'm currently a lot into Anime again too; it feels like I'm going back in time into my childhood and teenage years. xD Although I never watched Inuyasha that frequently.

    1. I know right :D it really is the best like a photo album only with no actual photos of yourself XD well where I live anime isn't very known and at that time my internet was really slow so it was almost imposible to do any reasarche or watch online. My friend told me about anime and I would watch it at her place or she'd give me a dvd so it really is the base of my addicion ;)

  2. Inuyasha!!! I still love that show i could watch it a million times and it doesn't bored me ^_^

    Visit my blog I'm new too this ^_^

    and maybe we can follow each other? ^_^

    1. Yes it totally doesn't get boring! Today I miss it so much alredy that I'll start on Inuyasha movies :D

      It looks super cute! Sure we can follow each other :3