Tuesday, 14 August 2012

... Seaside.pictures! ...

Finally I went trough all the pictures I took and choose the best ones :D
and here they are I hope you like them ^^

me and my hunny-bunny *.*
bored on a train and bus :D we couldn't get a car so we  used public tansportation ... big mistake! it was almost 3 hours long drive -.-

the silliest picture of me :D

(they are twins)
I really love this pic, she is amazing here *_*
me& my bf playing around :D
 he said I don't have enough pictures of him (he doesn't like when I take them but he is upset if I don't) so I was attacking him whole week ... he didn't like that either :D
quick photoshooting. I found tutorial for this hair style and I wanted to try it out, however her hair are a bit too short and not currly enough to get the exect style but I like it anyways ^^
I also wanted to go to Aquarium (kind of a zoo for fish) and took few pictures thee ^^
ok this is it's butt (I tought it was a face :D)

I hope you liked my seaside experienc, maybe I'll go again next month :D

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